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    Want to increase the revenue from your website, and at the same time generate more registered users?

    Well, now you can.  

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    What is Daily Deal Superstore?

    The Daily Deals trend has had a meteoric rise, most notably with the advent of Groupon, followed quickly by other large organizations which have sprung up, such as Gilt City, Living Social and KGB.  It is easy to see why these companies are having success.  Who could resist 50% or more off our favorite goods and services?  This phenomenon has spread worldwide and these companies have millions of members worldwide. 

    Consumer spending on daily deal offers is poised to grow more than 35%, to reach $3.9 billion in the US by 2015, according to a March 2011 forecast by BIA/Kelsey.

    With the abundance of daily deals being offered, the market has now become congested with a vast number deal companies offering fresh deals every day. Users feel overwhelmed by the number of deals they receive in their email inbox each day and the deals they receive are often not even relevant to them.  They could get 10 emails offering salon and nail treatments.

    Wouldn't it be great to get one focused email with only the deals the individual wants in the cities of their choice? This is exactly what Daily Deal Superstore does!

    • We aggregate hundreds of deal companies and thousands of daily deals, promoting them in over 900 cities worldwide
    • All the deals are categorized – from Dining and Nightlife, to Pets
    • All deals are further segmented by country and interest – for example Golf in Spain and Health in the US
    • Users can choose the cities they want, the types of deals that they prefer and interests at a local, national or international level 
    • We create a personal preferences page, displaying the user’s cities, interests and preferred deals only
    • The user can also select the frequency of the emails they receive
    • Any user who wants to buy, clicks the deal and is directed to the relevant provider’s website to purchase the deal

    Partnership Opportunity

    Daily Deal Superstore can be integrated easily into your site via the following deployment methods:

    • Advert on your site
    • Splash page
    • E-mail campaign
    • Referral link
    • Live Daily Deals API feed
    • Easy to use Deal Widget

    Revenue Share

    We track the activity of every contact that comes from your site or campaign with a unique tracking code.  When they register, we associate them with your account, and you will earn a commission on everything they buy through Daily Deal Superstore.*

    We may assume that 20 percent of your user base will be interested in daily deals and that a user may spend of $50 per month, so you can see that the commission earned could be significant.  

    We simply share this revenue with you.

    Cash Share Membership Accelerator Program

    We also have a Membership Accelerator Program called Cash Share:

    • When a member joins Daily Deal Superstore they will have the option of inviting friends
    • The member will be incentivized to invite as many friends as possible, by allowing the member to earn from every deal their registered friends buy
    • You too will also earn a percentage of the revenue from their registered friends’ purchases

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