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    Our API and Referral Program gives you the power to make money by referring users to the Daily Deal Superstore system. Detailed looks at the different ways you can leverage our API, Registration and Widgets are highlighted below.

    Your API Credentials

    Register or Login to see your API credentials.

    Registration Referrals

    When you refer a user to Daily Deal Superstore, we tag the user's account with your referral code. This can be accomplished a couple of different ways.

    Referral Link

    You can send user's to our registration form with a special link that includes your referral code. The user will register through our website and all deals they purchase will be attributed to your account.

    Sample Registration Referral Link http://www.dailydealsuperstore.com/register/[YOUR API KEY]

    Post to our Registration Page

    If you'd like to connect a splash page to our registration process, you can do so by posting a form of pertinent data to our registration page. The users will be directed to the Daily Deal Superstore website after completing the form on your website to complete their registration.

    Post data to your registration link http://www.dailydealsuperstore.com/register/[YOUR API KEY] Parameters
    email The user's email address (required)
    password The user's password (required)
    password2 Used to validate the user's password (required)
    firstname The user's first name (required)
    lastname The user's last name (required)
    mobile The user's mobile number (optional)

    You can also paste the following into your website to use our pre-built splash page:

    See Demo

    Post to our Registration URL

    To create a user in the Daily Deal SuperStore system in an unobtrusive manner, you can post to our partner signup URL.

    Post to Link http://www.dailydealsuperstore.com/api/partner-signup Request
    apikey [YOUR API KEY]
    firstname The user's first name (required)
    lastname The user's last name (required)
    email The user's email (required)
    password If not provided, a password is generated
    city The user's city (required with state)
    state The user's state (required with city)
    zip The user's zip or postal code
    categories Comma separated category ids for this user (ie. 1,4,11,19)
    ip The user's IP Address (required if city and state not provided)
    referer The name or URL of your application (required)
    sub if 1, the user will become a sub affiliate of you. if 0, they are registered as a regular referral
    company Company name of your sub affiliate (required if sub equals 1)
    sandbox If set to 1, user will not actually be created and activation email will not be sent, but all other responses will be the same.
    status Either success or failed
    message Message for response
    userid If account creation is successful, the user's new id will be passed back. (If in sandbox mode, this value will be zero)
    apikey If account creation is successful and sub is set to 1, an Api Key will be provided for your sub affiliate.

    Deal Widget

    You can build a widget to place on your website using our Widget Builder. Widgets automatically handle referral tracking for you and can be placed anywhere on your site.

    API Options

    For more advanced usage of our API, you can send requests to our server and get back a JSON formatted response with deal information. This information can be used to incorporate deals seamlessly into your website.

    Post to Link


    Sample Response

    [{"deal_id":"176190","headline":"$15 for $30 Worth of Hardware, Tools, and Supplies at Rockler Woodworking and Hardware ","tagline":"<p>20,000 tools including routers, table saws &amp; clamps alongside lumber &amp; hardware such as hinges, screws &amp; knobs<\/p>","description":"<p>Early builders used masonry, which was difficult to work with and\nterrifying to ride on log flumes. Feel the thrill of carpentry with\nthis Groupon.<\/p>\n\n<h4>$15 for $30 Worth of Hardware, Tools, and Supplies<\/h4>\n\n<p>The staff helps patrons to find all the tools and supplies they need for at-home projects, presiding over items such as quarts of <a href=\"http:\/\/gr.pn\/HUEq4f\">General Finishes wood stain<\/a> ($14.99), a <a href=\"http:\/\/gr.pn\/HH9E0x\">Miller dowel-system four-pack<\/a> ($44.99), and <a href=\"http:\/\/gr.pn\/HGX6sd\">Talon pegboard tool holders<\/a> ($25.49). <a href=\"http:\/\/gr.pn\/HJGbC7\">Hobby kits<\/a> equip customers to build <a href=\"http:\/\/www.rockler.com\/product.cfm?page=10120&amp;site=ROCKLER\">cribbage boards<\/a> ($41.99) or other small items.<p><\/p>\n\n<h4>Rockler Woodworking and Hardware<\/h4>\n\n<p>Family patriarch Nordy Rockler opened the doors of his first store in 1954 to supply his fellow craftsmen with knowledge, friendly advice, and a large selection of tools for at-home woodworking projects. Now, the chain of retail outlets brims with more than 20,000 <a href=\"http:\/\/gr.pn\/HNNfAd\">tools<\/a> and specialized woodworking equipment. Next to a steely rainbow of hinges, casters, and screws, a supply of <a href=\"http:\/\/gr.pn\/HJp7Mw\">lumber and exotic hardwoods<\/a> provides planks for building tree houses or just leaving around as a warning to uncooperative trees. The tenor buzz of power tools operated by newly knowledgeable guests drifts from educational sessions on operating equipment and woodworking.<\/p>","terms":"Limit 1 per person. In-store only. Must use promotional value in 1 visit. Valid only at listed location.","start_date":"1334030450","end_date":"1350532799","price":"15.0000","value":"30.0000","discount_percentage":"50.0000","discount_value":"15.0000","category_id":"3","url":"https:\/\/www.groupon.com\/deals\/rockler-woodworking-and-hardware-22\/confirmation?pledge_id=2628895&sid=DDS4F79ED2DCCDBE4F79ED2DCCE01","merchant_name":"Rockler Woodworking and Hardware","merchant_phone":"404-460-1000","merchant_email":null,"merchant_url":"http:\/\/www.rockler.com\/","merchant_address":"6235 Roswell Rd.","merchant_state":"GA","merchant_city":"Atlanta","merchant_zip":"30328","provider":"groupon","provider_id":"2628895","provider_logo":"www.dailydealsuperstore.com\/images\/providers\/groupon.jpg","currency_code":"USD","category_suggest":"Shopping","image":"https:\/\/s3.grouponcdn.com\/images\/site_images\/2119\/1985\/Rockler-Hardware3_medium.jpg","slug":"15-for-30-worth-of-hardware-tools-and-supplies-at-rockler-woodworking-and-hardware-4","city_id":"117"}]

    Request Parameters/Options

    Parameter Options/Examples Description
    apikey [YOUR API KEY] Your API key
  • default
  • json
  • xml
  • The format of the response
  • 0
  • 1
  • Whether or not to include 'online only' deals
  • integer id of location in DDS database
  • The format of the response
  • ie. atlanta
  • Name of city in which to search
  • ie. georgia
  • ie. ga
  • ie. england
  • State/Region of city in which to search
  • integer
  • Page number of results displayed
  • ie. 1,4,21,13
  • DDS category ids comma separated
  • ie. 25
  • Sets minimum value of deals being returned.
  • 0
  • 1
  • If true, no referral information is tracked


    Key Description
    deal_id Unique ID of deal
    headline Title of Deal
    tagline Short description of deal
    description Detailed description of deal
    terms Terms and Conditions of deal
    start_date When the offer begins
    end_date When the offer ends
    price Actual buying price of deal
    value Initial value of deal
    discount_percentage % discount calculated from price and value
    discount_value Actual amount of money saved
    category_id DDS category ID
    url Referral link to purchase deal
    merchant_name Name of business offering the deal
    merchant_phone Phone Number of business offering the deal
    merchant_email Email of business offering the deal
    merchant_url Website of business offering the deal
    merchant_address Street Address of business offering the deal
    merchant_state State/Region of business offering the deal
    merchant_city City of business offering the deal
    merchant_zip Zip Code/Postal Code of business offering the deal
    provider Name of company providing deal
    provider_id Provider's code for deal
    provider_logo Path to image of provider logo
    currency_code Currency of the deal price and value
    category_suggest The name of a category the provider suggests for the deal
    image Path to image for the deal
    slug SEO friendly version of the headline for the deal
    city_id DSS city id for the deal

    Get User Record

    If you have a user's email address or id, you can query our system to see if they already have an account. If they do, you can access their locations and interests. Only email or Id is required, if both are used, Id will take precedence. http://www.dailydealsuperstore.com/api/usersearch

    Sample Response


    Request Parameters/Options

    Option Description
    apikeyYour API Key
    useridThe user's DDS Id
    emailThe user's email address


    Key Description
    firstname User's first name
    lastname User's last name
    locations Array of location ids
    interests Array of interest ids grouped by location
    active Whether or not the user has completed double opt-in process
    error If there is an error, the error message will be the value

    Get Location Data

    You can query our location database for city information that is relevant to your users. http://www.dailydealsuperstore.com/api/locationsearch

    Sample Response


    Request Parameters/Options

    Parameter Options/Examples Description
    apikey Your API Key
  • 117
  • A DDS city id
  • Atlanta
  • A city name
  • Georgia
  • GA
  • England
  • A state/region name or abbreviation
  • -84.332260
  • Latitude in degrees (required with lon and radius)
  • 33.712675
  • Longitude in degrees (required with lat and radius)
  • 20
  • Distance in kilometers to search around latitude and longitude (required with lat and lon)


    Key Description
    city_id DDS city id
    city City name
    state State/Region name
    short_state State/Region abbreviation
    lat Latitude of location
    lon Longitude of location
    safe SEO friendly name of location
    iso_code ISO code of country

    Get Category Data

    You can query our category database to gather information on DDS categories. http://www.dailydealsuperstore.com/api/categorysearch

    Sample Response

    [{"id":"5","name":"Hotels & Travel","safe":"hotels"}]

    Request Parameters/Options

    Parameter Options/Examples Description
    apikey Your API Key
  • 5
  • DDS category id number. If omitted, all categories will be returned.


    Key Description
    id DDS category id number
    name Category name
    safe URL safe name

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