Weekend: Dave Matthews Heads Home



Dave Matthews is known for his electric and highly energetic stage presence

Dave Matthews is known for his electric and highly energetic stage presence

While the summer end of summer is in sight, the summer music scene is still in full swing. The summer tour is the most important part of a bands or artist’s promotional marketing- it gives them an opportunity to directly interact with their fan base promoting themselves and their music, while most importantly putting on an entertaining and memorable show. Out of all the big timers on the road this summer, one in particular stands out for their electric vibe, epic jam sessions, and energetic collaborations- THE Dave Matthews Band.

Moving from South Africa as a child and setting down in Charlottesville, Virginia, Dave Matthews Band played its first show at an Earth Day Festival in 1991. From there, it was history. Only taking on year off its annual summer tour, Dave Matthews Band has toured all over the United States, and all over the world – with shows reaching Europe and Australia as well. With all these tours over all these places, its no surprise that Dave Matthews Band has earned quite the stage presence and energizing rapport that defines them.

This weekend, Dave Matthews Band lines up to play back where it all began, in their home state of Virginia. On Friday night, the line up and play in Virginia Beach, and tomorrow night they will be lining up to play in what is sure to be one of the best shows of the summer in the small town of Bristow, Virginia. Drawing in hardcore fans from Charlottesville and surrounding areas, along with crowds from the big city of Washington, DC, this show is going to be incredible. Look for long improvisations from all musicians and some extended jam sessions on classics like “The Dreaming Tree”, “Tripping Billies”, and “Two Step”; but don’t be surprised if the group throws in some classics from their inception days to please to the most hardcore original fans, like “The Song Jane Likes” or even (my all time favorite) “Warehouse”.

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