Weekend To-Do List: My Morning Jacket


My Morning Jacket is a must-see this summer with their unique sound and moving tunes

My Morning Jacket is a must-see this summer with their unique sound and moving tunes


Who doesn’t love summer? It’s arguably the best time of the year; outdoor activities coupled with a more relaxed state of mind. While the most of the major sports are in season later, the music scene is up and running strong with today’s most popular bands and artists out on their annual summer tours. It’s a great time to get out and enjoy the summer weather, as many bands elect to tour exclusively in summer to they can take advantage of great outdoor venues. This is important, not only because they can accommodate so many people, but because the evening time rolls into warm, electric nights that are perfect for enjoying music. This weekend’s event is highlight by the popular and talented rock group from Louisville, Kentucky- My Morning Jacket.


My Morning Jacket is known for their alternative rock genre, with roots engrained in blues and southern rock. The lead singer, Jim James (also known as ‘Yim Yames’) forms the core of the group with his deep vocals and headlining guitar skills. He plays with an amazing melodic backdrop of darker tones, with rhythmic bass and unique steel guitar runs. Formed in 1998, they have now earned worldwide fame and are big time tour runners. Their current tour also a collaboration that includes Wilco and, believe it or not, Bob Dylan.


This weekend should be a great show. Playing in Irvine, California the venue is Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre. One of many around the country, they all are spectacular places to view music. They offer both covered seating as well and large, open grass lawns that prove space and fresh air- both a winning combo- especially in the summer time. It is worth a trip to see My Morning Jacket play in concert. Need a place to stay? Try here! Wanna grab a good bite to eat before hand? Here is another great deal.


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