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    gilt city

    GiltCity is a subsidiary Gilt Groupe which was founded in 2007 and was known as "darling of luxury-obsessed bargain hunters", because of its focus on the high-end fashion market. Gilt City was launched in April 2010 initially in New York City only. In September 2010, Gilt Groupe expanded Gilt City to Boston, Chicago and Miami. In addition, Gilt Groupe Japan launched Gilt City Japan. In October 2010, Gilt Groupe acquired Bergine, a leading luxury deal company with operations in San Francisco, Napa Valley and Los Angeles. Gilt City still focuses on up-market deals, luxurious events, services and experiences. In November 2011 Gilt City acquired the assets of the leading deal company BuyWithMe.

    Latest From Twitter : Unbelievable! Positano Pizzeria https://t.co/81bOJbnmEI
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